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A Bizarre Will by Robert Pinget

A Bizarre Will and Other Plays—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright) paperback/81 pages/ 10.95/ ISBN 0-87376-065-4

This collection includes the following plays: A Bizarre Will, Mortin Not Dead, Dictation, Sophism and Sadism, The Chrysanthemum, Crazy Notion, Night, About Nothing.

These seven plays were first aired on Radio Stuttgart. Robert Pinget’s voice is sharply attuned to smaller scenes with fewer voices, and these plays clearly highlight his tremendous talent at crafting dialog that is both arid while being uncomfortably precise.

“Pinget’s theater is a theater of the voice of the human presence. Challenging the obscenity of digitalized, universalized communication, stripped of the artifices, the facilities and the hypocrisies of novelistic writing or political discourse, Pinget’s plays tell us of the disorder, the conflicts and the simple joys of the living.”

Madeleine Renouard, Birkbeck College, London.


A: That is not an opinion to be shouted from the housetops, Monsieur.

B: Why ever not? What have we to lose by speaking the truth? What do we risk?

A: Getting rapped over the knuckles… or elsewhere. (Pause) In any case, this conversation is strictly between ourselves.

from A Bizarre Will

Price: $10.95

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