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Abel and Bela by Robert Pinget

Abel and Bela—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright) paperback/25 pages/ 4.00/ ISBN 0-87376-052-2

Two actors, Abel and Bela, are planning to write a play.

First preformed in Strasbourg in the mid-70’s, Abel and Bela, was given a staged reading by the Ubu Repertory Theater in NYC in ’84, and was preformed by the Comédie Française at Avignon in the summer of ’87.

Robert Pinget is the author of many plays including : A Bizarre Will, Mortin Not Dead, Dictation, Sophism and Sadism, The Chrysanthemum, Crazy Notion, Night and About Nothing.

“Pinget’s theater is a theater of the voice of the human presence. Challenging the obscenity of digitalized, universalized communication, stripped of the artifices, the facilities and the hypocrisies of novelistic writing or political discourse, Pinget’s plays tell us of the disorder, the conflicts and the simple joys of the living.”

Madeleine Renouard, Birkbeck College, London.


Abel: A play, yes, a play for the theater. (Pause) It remains to be seen…

Bela: It remains to be seen?

Abel: What theater is.

Bela: What theater is? A stage, some actors, a text.

Abel: What it is, what it ought to be, its necessity… its transcendence.


Bela: And then what?

Abel: Its essence. The reason why theater can’t be anything else, why it has to be, why it’s inevitable.

from Abel and Bela


Price: $5.00

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