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Be Brave by Robert Pinget


Be Brave—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright) paperback/31 pages/ 6.95/ ISBN 0-87376-075-1

“Resisting my decline” Monsieur Songe amuses himself with hilarious versions of his own death.


He sleeps so soundly that in the morning he sometimes wonders what had been tormenting him so much the day before. And then the unpleasant memory returns.


I loathe my memories says Monsieur Songe. Especially the happy ones which hurt so much.


Fleeting instants of happiness. A landscape. A moment in town.

Make them last at all costs his niece would have said. To take great pains to make happiness last, don’t you think that’s funny?

from Be Brave


Price: $6.95

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