Fable by Robert Pinget

Fable—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright) paperback/63 pages/ 16.95/ ISBN 0-87376-107-9

“What can I tell you about Fable? It is a love story, or rather the story of a betrayal. The man betrayed doesn’t cry out for vengeance, he is prostrated. Then he tries to turn the tragedy to ridicule, in order to overcome it. Monsieur Miaille becomes Monsieur Miette (crumb), thus he survives, although greatly diminished. Return to the fold (Fantoine) after a short odyssey, and acceptance.”

Robert Pinget in a letter to his translator Barbara Wright

He remembered having seen her in the company of white figures in the moonlight, lifting up her skirt and showing her behind to the devil whom she smelt out in the ditch or behind a little wall, exorcism, all three of them went into the wood, they could hear other people whispering and the old woman sat down on a tree trunk and watched the frolics and couplings as if she were at a strange Mass, here and there accepting in her mouth whichever stiff member approached her, they could hear her choking and spluttering, the vicious depraved old harpy, she kept on versifying, mixing the names of Christ and Mary with her obscene remarks to the hilarity of her companions.

from Fable 

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