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Event (Drame) by Philippe Sollers translated from the French by Bruce Benderson and Ursule Molinaro with an essay by Roland Barthe

fiction, cloth, 104 pp.ISBN 0-87375-046-8

No truth can be spoken about an event. If we give up words in their function of naming things and allow them their own life, then, “a language of truth begins to speak.”
from the essay Event, Poem, Novel by Roland Barthes

“Starting (first condition, lines, engraving—beginning of the game) may be the stablest element that clusters behind the eyes and forehead. He quickly takes stock. There is a chain of maritime memories passing into his right arm: he catches them by surprise half-asleep, foam swept up by the wind. On the other hand, the left leg seems to be itching by mineral groupings. A large area of his back still has superimposed images of rooms at twilight. Blocked, he doesn’t push it, he waits.”
from Event by Philippe Sollers

“A searching hero, a searched-for story, an enemy language, an ally language, these are the cardinal functions that make up the meaning of Event (and consequently its “dramatic” tension).”
from Event, Poem, Novel by Roland Barthes

Philippe Sollers (born Philippe Joyaux) is a French writer, editor and critic. In the early 60’s he founded the avant-garde journal Tel Quel (along with the writer and art critic Marcelin Pleynet), published by Seuil, which ran until 1982. In 1982 Sollers created the journal L'Infini that was published by Denoel, and later published, while still being directed by Sollers, under the same title by Gallimard. Sollers is a provocative and dynamic author and a challenging critic.

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