Kaleidoscope 1969

Kaleidoscope 1969 by Joanna Gunderson

Kaleidoscope 1969 by Joanna Gunderson paper, 75pp

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Kaleidoscope 1969 is about people in a time of revolution. It is non linear, inspired by a photograph of a large family seen at the Museum of Modern Art “taken from no particular place at no particular time.” Fragments from 60’s underground cinema as well as scenes from the Russian Revolution run through it.

"Joanna Gunderson’s texts are primal pathways to the unconscious, chains of associations. They are patchworks of her own experiences, interwoven with the fragmented echoes of others’ chance remarks."

Bruce Benderson


I’m going to make the film from no particular place at no particular time.

Did you go to the Surrealism Series?

In one of the films the camera moved back and forth over a table, a stone, a bowl. There was a beautiful brownish color over the whole.

I want to do something like this: a dialogue between a man, a woman and the walls of a room.

In another a coffin was pulled through the street by a camel. The gait of the camel was beautiful.

 Wild Strawberries.

the open coffin, the trees without branches, the clock without hands

from Kaleidoscope 1969

Price: $12.00

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