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Leaning South by Lyn Lifshin

Leaning South (containing North, Old Houses and Other Houses) by Lyn Lifshin, poetry, paper, 209 pp. ISBN 0-87376-030-1 $10.95

A large, early collection of Lifshin's work. Poems about what it is like to live in the North, now and 1000 years ago. Poems about Nantucket, Plymouth and Philipsburg Manor. Poems about upstate New York, family, Middlebury, and love.

"An unusual and at times startlingly effective collection.  Each poem is stripped to its absolutely indispensable essence. The vocabulary is an evocative and highly charged one. The first section “North” is a re-creation in verse of the life style, moods and events of ancient Eskimo life; there is almost nothing else in recent poetry quite like this."

Price: $10.95

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