Monsieur Songe by Robert Pinget

Monsieur Songe—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright)

Paperback/120 pages/ 10.95/ ISBN 0-87376-060-3

“For some twenty years I have been finding relaxation from my work in scribbling these stories about Monsieur Songe. To the original Monsieur Songe I recently added as a component The Harness, and Plough. Here, revised and collected in one volume are all three books which, I repeat, are a divertissement.”

Robert Pinget



Monsieur Songe buys a fish. The fishmonger asks him

“Do you want me to clean it for you?”


“Do you want me to leave the head?”


“And the roe?”

“Yes, and the guts.”

“Do you eat the guts?”

“You never know, they might be good for you.”

“Then why ask me to clean this fish?”

“I don’t know, I thought…that you wanted to do something else to it…”

“What? Cook it for you perhaps?”

And Monsieur Songe goes off with his fish telling himself that shopkeepers today are really not very pleasant. He had replied yes at random, just like that, to please that swine but that was casting pearls…

from Monsieur Songe



















Price: $10.95

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