Guyotat Prostitution front

Prostitution (an excerpt from the French work by the same name) by Pierre Guyotat

fiction, translated from the French by Bruce Benderson, paper, 32 pp.ISBN 0-87376-081-6

"This book is a crime. Accentuated rhythmized, lexiconized by·everything I've been forbidden to live."
Pierre Guyotat

An excerpt from Pierre Guyotat's ground-breaking novel of sexual reductionism and linguistic purification, one of the most radical attacks on the power of civilized language ever attempted.

"yeah, on yer/ feet, dat' mout', gonna gimme it!] [.., yuh want muh, mis'er guy?“—”gonna poun'ya out atda dumpster!“—”c'n I get dos' shorts off, mis'er guy?“—”uh-huh.., yank dat pork out dos' levi's an ahl start poun'in!“— ” yuh cân poun' me in da room, mis'er guy!“—”uh-huh.., slut, ya gonna booby-trap ma tree!”
from Prostitution

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