She or the Unknown Person

She or the Unknown Person by Joanna Gunderson

She or the unknown person—Joanna Gunderson/ Paperback/ 159 pages/ 20.00/ ISBN-978-0-87376-102-4

I was in Paris in 1959 and went to the first Bastille Day of the Fifth Republic with my friend Yuen Yuey Chinn. I had been thinking of my mother and I thought of putting down what I knew of her life in the pattern of the lights of that night rather than time. This came out in Sights, Three Novellas “Paris July 14, 1959”
Later that same year Chinn brought me to visit Mme. Sema Weil, mother of Simone. We read from Simone Weil’s Cahiers I and II. We sat in her room where she worked. I was deeply impressed with her words and thought about “ce qu’on appelle je, moi, c’est seulement une mobile” – “what we call I, me is only a moving thing”…

from the foreword of She or the unknown person

4 Singer My mother’s sewing machine
2N I took it to the cleaners
can’t sew on a button
can’t thread a needle
4 Singer the repair man came
But Madame, you forgot to thread the needle
I laughed and laughed
3 La P could not help laughing when he fell in the
they were pressed his pants, one pair of shoes
tight and shinny
by the time we got to France
the burned chicken that night in the Pyrenees
no one knows how delicious
jumping from rock to rock
to cross the river

from She or the unknown person

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