Sieburth signs cover

Signs in Action: Pound/Michaux by Richard Sieburth and Of Languages by Henri Michaux

essay with illustrations, paper, 29pp, ISBN 0-87376-057-3

A critical essay and a translation, illustrated by Michaux’s ideograms. Signs in Action assesses what the encounter between Pound, Michaux, and Chinese ideogram might tell us about poetry as an act of making-and unmaking signs.

Sieburth quoting Michaux:
Later, the signs, certain signs. Signs speak to me. I would gladly draw them, but a sign is also a stop sign. And at this juncture there is still something I desire above all else. A continuum. A murmur without end, like life itself, the thing that keeps us going…I want my markings (mes tracés) to be the very phrasing (le phrase) of life, but supple, deformable, sinuous.

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