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That Voice by Robert Pinget

That Voice—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright)
Paperback/ 114 pages/ $12.95/ ISBN 978-0-87376-097-3

“Nothing is more comic, from a certain point of view, than the tragic adventure of a brain becoming unhinged.”
from the French jacket for Cette Voix (Les Éditions de Minuit 1975) by Robert Pinget

“The structure of this novel is precise, although not immediately apparent. The different themes are intermingled. One cuts into another point-blank, then the other resumes and cuts into the first, and so on until the end. The first example of this procedure at the beginning of the book, is the theme of the cemetery, cut into by that of the gossip at the grocery, then resumed shortly afterwards.”
from the preface to the American paperback edition (Red Dust 1997) by Robert Pinget

“…an investigation of whether memory can or can’t be made into record…immensely difficult but immensely rewarding.”

As for the kid, he was still listening to the radio in the barn, the maid had to call him to lunch once, twice, finally she went to fetch him, come on Théo, your uncle is already at the table, and wash your hands quickly, the kid turned off his radio and first ran to the wash house and rinsed his fingers then still running went and joined his uncle in the dinning room, they ate in silence, the master just managed to ask his nephew what he was doing with his Thursday holiday, a vague reply from Théodore who was struggling to peel a pear, his uncle took it out of his hands and peeled it for him, then the boy went out and the old man drank his coffee by himself, the maid came back to clear the table, he was dozing in the armchair, she made an awkward movement as she was picking up the coffee tray, the cup fell to the floor and smashed, the master jumped and called her a clumsy creature, you can’t pretend it was the cat.
from That Voice

Price: $12.95

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