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The Field by Joanna Gunderson

The Field—Joanna Gunderson/ Paperback/ 103 pages/ $10.95/

The Field offers a literary journey that is rigorous and labyrinthine. It goes all the way towards creating a new kind of emotional logic.
Bruce Benderson

I mean I can go on for so long
Oh I don’t know waitressing or maybe counselor
To be woken at all hours
to keep them at the window
had to move, couldn’t stay
the pollution
thought I didn’t want her any more
wondering if she could come back
they had never seen one of her tantrums
they’ve had only me: mother and teacher

always favored Ann, the youngest, even though she’s
almost grown now

afraid I’d be lonely here
could I ever be lonely here
the leaves trembling their light up into the house
the moon passes over the desolate field
the house empty

my daughter, the winter here

cookies she learned to bake cookies
acting in plays

before I didn’t see much reason
but now I see a reason for living

Ann doesn’t worry me, she’ll stick up for her rights

in the back of the bus

from The Field

Price: $10.95

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