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Théo or The New Era by Robert Pinget

Théo or The New Era—Robert Pinget (translated from the French by Barbara Wright) paperback/31 pages/ 6.95/ ISBN 0-87376-079-4

Great texts now run together in the mind of the old man who no longer puts out his lamp at night.

Théo or The New Era is all about renewal. It is as funny as the early works, as dark as the recent ones, but it is also possessed of a new tenderness. Pinget creates two wonderful characters, an old man and his great nephew, the Théo of the title … Pinget is the best novelist writing in France at present.
TLS—Gabriel Josipovici

A quarter of a page.
This lamp which he never puts out now, that little book which he fills with illegible notes.
Infinite distress.
Shuffle the pack, at all costs find the familiar court cards to teach the game to the child and found the new era.
Where to find the strength.
Sleeping or walking, return to the order of the olden days.
from Théo or The New Era

Price: $6.95

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